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OCTOBER / 2009



Dear Kim,

Fall has officially arrived. We are in the last quarter of the year. It's true that time flies by very quickly and before you know it, the year is over.


Bookkeeping Services offers solutions to all your accounting needs. Our services go beyond the "norm". We do the work for you so you don't have to worry about getting the mounds of paperwork out of sight. We've got you covered.


Contact our offices today at 408.297.1152 and visit our website at: www.WeKeepYourBooks.com.






Entrepreneurs just starting out expect to do administrative work such as billing and answering their own phone. But as the business grows, some fly solo for too long. How do you know? Here are some warning signs: 

  • You are working until the wee hours, typing invoices and doing administrative work. Your family and friends are expressing concern. 100 dollar bill
  • You are spending more time filling orders than marketing and selling.
  • You are spending too much time during the day on bookkeeping, answering the phone and composing correspondence.
  • You struggle to find time to provide service on projects or products that are already sold.
  • You are missing appointments and your office is a disorganized mess.
  • You aren't keeping good records and may not be up to date on payables or receivables.

If these symptoms sound all too familiar, consider hiring an assistant to manage all the non-revenue producing activities, such as making copies, answering the phone, tracking and sending invoices, and filling orders. Hire a good accountant and bookkeeper, but make sure there are good controls in place to keep track of your money.


*excerpts from Phoenix/bizjournals.com 





There always seems to be someone that will try every trick in the book to take from you whatever and whenever they can. 


Intuit is currently investigating these kinds of emails that have been sent to customers over the past few weeks. 



The email requests that each customer update their account information by clicking on a link that will enable them to download and install a security tool. It warns you that you must take this action within two weeks or you will be denied access.


If you believe you may have been a victim of these these fradulent actions, contact Intuit directly at security@intuit.com.





Accountant or A Bookkeeper?

100 dollar bill

This is a common question and people want to know the answer.


Bookkeeping Services provides you with both. We have bookkeepers on staff and Accountants too.


The full-charge bookkeeper is someone who can do it all - including compiling the data into the General Ledger and prepare financial statements.


Someone has to set-up the bookkkeeping system, monitor it and interpret the results. These processes are called "Accounting." The accounting process is much less mechanical and more subjective.


For details and more information about this article, visit http://bit.ly/8FIuE.


As we move into the autumn months, we offer our services to help you through the final quarter of the year. Let us resolve your paperwork hassles!


Have you continued to put off doing your books because you just can't seem to find the time? Everything changes, including the piles of bookkeeping paperwork that have been lingering around, not handled nor completed. We can help get your books done, out of the way and off your mind! 

We're here to lift your burden so you can get on with other, more important matters of the day. Contact our office today at 408.297.1152 and check out our website at


Tammy Foley



Bookkeeping Services


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Tax Payment Reminders


Individual Income Tax deadline is

October 15 (if you put your April 15 tax on extension, the final deadline to file is October 15.)

Sales Tax Quarterly Report

due November 2


Payroll Quarterly Reports

due November 2 






Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall... the bay area has it all!




You can always find great entertainment and things to do to fill up your calendar!


Check out these happenings close to home. 


San Jose 

HP Pavilion


10/8 - Sharks vs Columbus

10/10 - Sharks vs Minnesota

10/12 - Sharks vs Phoenix

10/28 - Sharks vs Los Angeles

10/30 - Sharks vs Colorado


10/11 - Star Wars in Concert


10/16 - Rascal Flatts w/Darius Rucker


10/17 - Marco Antonio Solis


10/21-thru 10/25 Disney on Ice


Comedy at the Improv

Jazz at the Hedley Lounge




10/8 - Women Teaching Women, San Tomas Community Center



Mountain View

Shoreline Ampitheater


Bridge School Benefit

October 24 & October 25 







"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 
~ Benjamin Franklin 


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