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JULY / 2009






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Dear Kim,

July is the summer month of celebration, family gatherings, picnics and vacations. There are a number of ways to enjoy these occasions and not be consumed with your mounting paperwork!


As we celebrate this 4th of July, please take a few moments to honor our country, the noble and brave men and women that are willing to give their life for our freedom.


As an American, I am so grateful for the abundance in my life. I do not take for granted what liberty and freedom mean to me. We all have the the capacity to exercise choice and free will. We have the opportunity to work at a profession of our choosing, have a home, raise a family and have religious freedom. Let us all be grateful for our country and the importance of respect for one another.



scam smarts



Keep an eye out and ears open!



Charity Fraud
This scam preys on the public's generosity in giving to reputable charities by soliciting funds for disreputable or fraudulent ones.


Foreign Lotteries
A call or letter tells consumers that they may have already won a big prize in a foreign lottery, obtainable merely by providing bank account or credit card information.


Foreign Money Offers
A "foreign government official" offers an opportunity to split a huge sum of money if he can just transfer funds to your bank account-and naturally, he needs your account information.

Identity Theft

This is on the rise! Be aware and take the steps to protect yourself as much as possible. Go to our website: www.WeKeepYourBooks.com and click on "NEWS" to check out our archived newsletter from March 16, 2009 to give you some tips on what to do to cover your bases! 


Internet Auctions
Though thousands of legitimate transactions take place online each day, sometimes goods purchased never arrive or are less valuable than promised.


Con artists look to gather personal information by asking consumers to "update" or "validate" their billing information, including credit card and Social Security numbers.


This very common scam tells consumers they have won something, and they need only pay a fee for processing, taxes or delivery to claim their prize.


Work at Home
This scam offers great payouts for little work at home, telling consumers they need only pay up-front supply, training or materials charges-charges they rarely recoup.   


*Excerpts from AARP Magazine July 2009 



Investigation Gone Wrong! 


Small companies are not the only ones that worry about their accounting...


In Palo Alto, city offiicals and council members apologized for the city's role in the flawed Palo Alto Children's Theater police investigation (stated by the Daily News).


To make a long story short, the theater was under investigation for alleged fraud. When it was all said and done, the evidence clearly showed that the officials wereinvestigations-A sloppy bookkeepers as opposed to criminals.


You never have to worry about "Sloppy" results or an incomplete job with Bookkeeping Services!


Bookkeeping Services proudly stands behind our work and our clients. We will be with you every step of the way.


We are your financial safety net.



Bookkeeping Services is the "Go-To" company when it comes to figuring out how to get your money worries and your time consuming accounting out of the way! We can't grow money on trees - but we can help you create "Freedom" from Financial stress.


If you know of someone that is struggling and can't seem to get their books done, we'd love for you to give them our name and appreciate your forwarding this email.


Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday, an abundance of fun, laughter and memories filled with the people you cherish!



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In Gratitude,




Tammy Foley



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Social Media websites can be an enhancement to your business and bring in revenue once you get "connected". 


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It takes time, strategy and thought to make things happen. I discovered so much and continue to pursue a larger audience to grow my business.



I'm linked to the following sights:


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I am a "newbie" and find the statistics staggering. After advertising and spending only $110 over a span of 3 days, there were 403,000 viewers that saw my ad through Facebook.


There is much to learn and as they say, this is a work in progress! To all of us that are looking for what's next, give it a shot! I encourage you check them out and see what you can create for yourself!



Ways to $ave Money!



Discounts are available to help you reduce your electrical bill. Contact your local PG&E office and ask about how you may be able PG&E to qualify. In some  instances you can receive nearly a 50% decrease due to running a home based business.


100 dollar bill


Property taxes may also be lowered if there has been a decrease in your property value. Click here and find more information through my blog at:





Fun In The Sun and then Some!  

 fun in the sun

There's plenty to do throughout the bay area! Here's a few ideas to consider during the warm summer months. 



San Jose 
Cesar Chavez Park

Farmer's Market

Starlight Cinemas
Dine Downtown SJ
Post Street Summertime


Downtown Campbell First Friday


Women Teaching Women - San Tomas Community Center





Movie Nights at the Firehouse

Summer Music & Market








 "To restore a sense of reality, I think Walt Disney should have a Hardluckland."


- Jack Paar



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