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Dear Tammy,

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the spring time and doing the things that make you happiest!


June is here. Time passes so quickly! Regardless of where you stand financially, we can offer you expertise in many areas that can help you figure out ways to save money and to get your bookkeeping in order.


Bookkeeping Services provides "outside the box" services; just let us know what you need. We'll find ways to make every penny count. 



Financial Thermostat

How do you gauge your own thermostat when it comes to money? Do you need guidance or advice on money matters, how to get your books in order or need resources to help you? 

We provide services in: 

  • General Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Audit Support
  • Software Installation and Setup
  • Generating Reports
  • Troubleshooting
  • On-site maintenance
  • Telephone Consulting
  • Non-Software Business Consulting

100 dollar billIf we don't cover the bases you require, we have resources and can point you in the right direction.



Government Stepping Up Audits 


Smaller companies may be particularly vulnerable to tax audits, because "they don't have big tax departments, and they don't want to pay for third party reviews if they do business in other states." 


tax audit shakedown


States are also stepping up efforts to establish nexus, the legal term for a taxable presence in a jurisdiction. Experts say tax authorities are actively targeting companies that have been doing business in their state but have not been filing either corporate income tax returns or sales tax returns.


*CFO Magazine May 2009



If the IRS Calls!


A few things to bear in mind if you are contacted from the IRS.


irsRespond: Ignoring a notice invites penalities and interest, liens, and granished wages.


Consider a pro: If you need help, stay local. Find a CPA, Attorney, or Enrolled Agent (EA) to represent you.


Get Results: Pay for services only after they have been performed. Tax consulting often costs $75 to $250 an hour.


*from AARP May/June 2009



Six months are going, going, and soon to be gone! Before you know it, half the year has slipped by. Don't wait until you are at your wits end to get your finances in order.


We're here to help. There's no need to put unnecessary stress upon yourself when we can do the work for you. Be proactive, contact us now at 408.297.1152.




Tammy Foley

Bookkeeping Services

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1.  If you carry a balance on a credit card, consider transferring to the Farm Bureau bank platinum

100 dollar bill

MasterCard for its 5.24% interest rate and no     annual fee.



2.  The iPhone 3G is all it's cracked up to be and more. It improves upon its revolutionary predecessorr by adding faster dta speeds, GPs navigation, a slimmer shell, and a lower upfront price. I have personally tested and I now own one and I love it. 

*Kiplinger's Consumer Guide

3.  A Change in Credit Card Strategy -Excerpt from Suze Orman:

If you have an unpaid credit card balance and not much saved up in emergency savings I need you to listen up. My advice has changed.

I want you to only pay the minimum due on  your credit card balance and instead make it your top priority to build as much of an  emergency cash fund as you can.




100 dollar bill

Looking Beyond the Obvious


By fully looking at your paperwork and going over what you need, we will find the most strategic pricing offered to do your bookkeeping.


We can help you understand your financial reports, to comprehend them fully, and to help you make informed decisions.


Bookkeeping Services always looks out for your best interest. We go the distance and beyond -- working for you every step of the way to keep your books in order so you won't ever be in doubt of where your $$$$ have been spent.



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