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Insurance Coverage

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In Our Corner


"A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it."  ~Bob Hope




Financial Decisions for Your Small Business 


Stand Up to an Economic Downturn With Good Financial Practices


There are a multitude of wonderful opportunities during an economic downturn. A quote from Alexander Graham Bell says it so well, "When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."

A downturn doesn't have to spell disaster for your small business. Good financial management practices always help you weather the worst of economic times.


For many small businesses with limited resources, this and other factors often combine to pressure bottom lines past the breaking point, creating a domino effect of other dilemmas such as a credit crunch or layoffs.

Begin with the basics. Even when times are terrific, no small business can survive without good recordkeeping, budgeting, cash flow monitoring, and credit management.


We can help you capitalize on new windows of opportunity; where there's "a pane", we can help fill it with a host of entrepreneurial ideas.

The entrepreneur is challenging  new ways to create business 100 dollar bill

and thinking outside the box. The inevitable 'good times' will return.
Consult your bank. Lenders can tap their vast experience in economic cycles to advise you on issues specific to your business and industry. Depending on your projected long-term expenses, consider arranging a line of credit in case a cash flow gap occurs.
Be on good terms with your creditors. Falling behind on payments is never the answer, even if it's "just this once." Creditors will be more amenable to renegotiating terms to small businesses they consider to be conscientious and reliable.
Watch your receivables. By the same token, you need to stay on top of any outstanding debts to your company, particularly problem accounts. Be firm, but also willing to negotiate where appropriate. 


money stretchScrutinize your spending. Rather than arbitrarily slashing your budget, strive to spend only on those things that have a justifiable positive effect on your business. That will make it easier to redirect money to areas that enhance business performance.
Step up your review of financials. Assessing your reports weekly or biweekly rather than monthly will put you in a better position to make informed decisions. Similarly, a monthly or quarterly review your business plan enables you to adjust your strategy and direction to changing market conditions.
Keep marketing in the mix. Look for cost-effective ways to keep your company visible to current customers and potential new markets. They may be ready to restart their spending long before the headlines proclaim an end to the economic crisis.


Your books measure these aforementioned areas to reveal and determine your financial success. We offer a variety of services to keep your money matters in shape!





(or has it???)


~ Fun in the Sun and then Some ~


Time to unwind and enjoy the festivities happening here in San Jose and surrounding communities during the month of May.  

Fun N Games

Kaleid Gallery - San Jose

Something different for your every third Tuesday of every month. Quirky, interesting people get together. 12pm-7pm. For more info:

Koret Museum Day @ The Tech Museum - San Jose
Mother's Day, Sunday, May 10
One day only! Visitors to The Tech can enjoy a FREE IMAX movie. No online tickets available.


San Jose Center for the Performing Arts

Ballet San Jose

May 7 - May 10 


San Jose Museum of Art
The Prints of Andy Warhol
Through May 31


San Jose McEnery Convention Center 
USA Taekwondo: 2009 National Qualifier

May 9 - May 10 


Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival

Palo Alto

Mini-Israel Festival
May 16th, 17th



The Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire


First Sunday of every month

6AM - 3PM


Urban Village Farmers Market - Campbell
Downtown Campbell

Every Sunday (year round)


Women Teaching Women
San Tomas Community Center,


Second Thursday of every month

6PM - 8PM

Newsletter/May 2009





We're into the fifth month of 2009! Time flies when you're having fun! We all experience 24 hours in a day; however, it's what we do with our time that counts. 


Are you taking time to enjoy your life, perhaps planning a vacation, a family reunion or finally doing a remodel that you've wanted to get done?


If you are in a position that has you wondering if you can take the time to handle your business affairs, visit relatives, afford that trip or add that new room, you can stop the worry. We're here to help you get your financials in order so you can do and have the things in life that are important to you.


We bring innovative ways of making things run smoother with your business. We can show you where you stand financially; we can show you how to do your own books or we'll do the bookkeeping for you. Whatever you need, we'll guide you the right way so you can make the best informed decisions.



Insurance Coverage

Concerns and Confusion



Like most of us, there is a growing concern about our insurance coverage for health, life, home, automobiles and with our business.

Business need for private health insurance is growing. But shopping for insurance can be daunting. There are so many options from which to choose - where do you start? And, what do you need to know to get the most coverage for the best price?


Insurance can be tricky to figure out. You want to avoid being underinsured or improperly insured, but you certainly don't want to pay for insurance that you don't need.
How much is enough? The answer depends on your unique needs and what type of insurance you are talking about, but here are some general guidelines:


Life Insurance - To pay expenses and ensure that your family is financially secure, multiply your annual salary by the number of years remaining until you plan to retire. For example, if you earn $75,000 per year and expect to work for another 10 years, you would need to have $750,000 in life insurance coverage. If your mortgage is paid and the children have completed their educations, you may not need as much.
Homeowner's Insurance - To protect your home and its contents against theft or damage, you should have enough insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home at current prices, not just what you paid for the home when you purchased it. It also may be tax deductible if set-up correctly.

Auto Insurance - Most states require that you carry at least liability insurance, for your own peace of mind, you should have more than that. Like homeowner's liability insurance, your coverage should equal your assets.


Business Owner Coverage - Business owner insurance provides damage protection from fire and other mishaps. Owner coverage also offers a degree of liability protection. 


Errors and omissions insurance - This coverage is particularly important to service-based businesses, offering protection should you make a mistake or neglect to do something that causes a customer or client some harm.


Liability insurance - In our litigation-looped society, this may be as important a form of coverage as you can get. This covers damage to property or injuries suffered by someone else for which you are held responsible. This can take in a range of disasters, from the postal worker who sues you for a dog bite incurred during a delivery to your home business, to the clumsy customer who scorches himself after you make your complimentary coffee just too darn hot. 

excerpts taken from www.finmtg.com and MicroSoft Small Business Center









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We have a wealth of resources that have provided quality service from the people we trust. If you are in need of an insurance professional, please contact our office via email or give us a call. We have a solution to get you covered.







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June 15, 2009
2nd quarter 1040es estimated tax payments due for 2009 tax year.


2nd quarter 540es estimated 30% tax payment due for 2009 tax year.




It's never too late to do the right thing for yourself and your business. Avoidance and neglect never bring about a positive result. It is essential to any successful business to have your bookkeeping done correctly and consistently.


We're here to make those necessary changes for you and to lift the "weight of the world" from your shoulders so you can continue doing your business with a sense of relief.


 Weight of World



All you need to do is pick up the phone. We'll help you get your books in order so you can get going and move your business forward. 




Tammy Foley


Bookkeeping Services & We Train U-2



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When you register for our first three workshops, you will save $50 on our bundled deal. Share this offer with other associates and friends. Check out our website at www.WeTrainU2.com


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