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                                              JANUARY 2010

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2010 has arrived!! Embrace the new year with renewed vigor, reward and profitability.
There are many ways to increase your bottom line. One way to  give you exposure is with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 
Social media (networking - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) can be time consuming tasks. Spending the time to investigate may serve your best interest and provide you with more publicity. One of my favorite, free resources is Entrepreneur. com.
To help you with marketing in 2010, here's a list of where you can also list your business. Many are free and will help your business show up on the internet when someone searches your industry.
Are you showing up on: 
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Manta
  • Yellow Pages
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Craigslist
Getting yourself higher on the SEO list may be something to consider. Google leads the pack for this rating.

100 dollar bill

There's no where to go but up....let us help you build your business NOW! All the reasons you drum up as to why your books aren't in order and ready for the new year is keeping you bogged down. It's now or never, right? Call 408.297.1152 so we can help you establish your financial planning for 2010!

This Isn't Monkey Business! Leave it to the Experts!

How do you stand out as an expert in your industry? 
You wouldn't attempt to fix the engine of your car, cut your own hair or repair your own computer unless you were an expert, would you? You use the services of qualified people to do these jobs for you.
2+2 = 22?
 You know that isn't right!
100 dollar bill
It's no different with your bookkeeping. It's important to stay abreast of your finances. When building your own business, it's essential to know what your financial picture looks like. What is the cost for you to not be aware and informed?
Do your customers know you're an expert? There are various methods to show your customers that you know your stuff. Newsletters, ezine postings and press releases are just a few to help you stand out amongst the crowd as the best in the business.
We're here to help --- call us at 408.297.1152 today!
Choices, Choices, Choices
Special Packaged Deals!

2010 Forecast:  Cloudy with a chance of 100 dollar bills...in your pocket!! 


Accounting bills often remind me of electric bills.  One month they are manageable and then in January you realize that operating 1000 strands of twinkling holiday lights was not such a great idea!  Likewise, waiting to organize your accounting almost always results in a bill that could have been easily managed on a monthly basis.  Like the electric company, Bookkeeping Services would like to offer you the opportunity to average out your accounting bill. 

Our "Special Monthly Bookkeeping Packages" along with a free one hour consultation to compile the scope of your bookkeeping needs and wants have arrived. Together we can discern the right package for you!

These packages were created to place an "Umbrella" format to fit your business so you'll know exactly what you're going to be charged every time. We've got you covered and we've got the solution!
Call 408.297.1152 and we'll set you up!

100 dollar bill

Important deadlines coming up --
 Quarterly Payroll Taxes - Jan. 31, 2010 
W2's and 1099's - Jan. 31, 2010
I am committed to making things run smoother for your business and for my own. I know that what lies at the heart of my business are my customers. I want you to know I truly appreciate your continued trust and the business you send our way.
May all of us broaden our horizons with growth and development of new prospects, new thinking and new possibilities. 

Happy New Year!

Tammy Foley
 Bookkeeping Services
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Important Reminders
Highlighted Clientele
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Good Reading
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Through and Through!
This year we are highlighting clients of Bookkeeping Services that provide quality products and/or exceptional services.
The year can start out with fitness in mind as well as a "few adjustments" to get yourself in balance and feeling great!
Steve Smith
Cornerstone Fitness
steps cornerstone 
"10,000 Steps
Walking Program"
Dr. Virjilia Tali
Fountain of Health
Family Chiropractic 
Dr Tali 
 "Chiropractic Care At 
I have personally used their services and highly recommend you check them out!  
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall... the bay area has it all!
You can always find great entertainment and things to do to fill up your calendar!
Check out these happenings close to home. 
San Jose 
HP Pavilion
1/6   - Sharks vs. St. Louis
1/9   - Sharks vs. Detroit
1/14 - Sharks vs. Boston
1/15 - Harlem Globetrotters
1/16 - Sharks vs Edmonton
1/17 - Harlem Globetrotters
1/18 - Sharks vs. Calgary
1/21 - Sharks vs. Anaheim
1/23 - Sharks vs. Buffalo
1/28 - Sharks vs. Chicago
1/30 - Sharks vs. Minnesota
Comedy at the Improv
Jazz at the Hedley Lounge
Center for Performing Arts
01/08 - 01/10 - Shen Yun Peforming Arts
01/12 - 01/17 - Avenue Q
The King's Head
Over the holidays I read the book "never eat alone" by Keith Ferrazzi. I highly recommend reading this book as it gives great insight on marketing and relationship building. If you want to know more check out my blog at http://www.wetrainu2.com/blog  
 Cheers to a New Year
another chance for us to get it right.

~Oprah Winfrey

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