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Beginning 2009 on the Right Track

January 2009


Our best wishes to you and yours as we enter into 2009! We sincerely wish your new year thrives and you find peace of mind in all of your business and personal dealings.

Tax Time

The Inevitable is Here...

Admit it - there's no escape. You can choose wisely to begin the process of doing your taxes. Another day of procrastination is not going to benefit you or ultimately change the outcome. Here are a few questions to consider when hiring your tax person:

1. What type of firm are they? What staff is available to you? Will there be a CPA, staff accountant, or support staff doing much of your work? What expertise is available to you such as audits, tax advice, computer specialists, do they handle complicated issues such as multiple states' tax returns, and do they offer payroll help?
2. What experience do they have? Do they have the skills you need in an accountant? Give the accountant a brief overview of where you see your business going in the next 5 years and see what suggestions he or she would make to help you meet your business goals.
3. Do they have experience in the type of industry you are in? Do they currently or have they recently worked with clients with similar businesses? Are they up-to-date on special regulations needed to be successful in your type of business?
4. Are they properly licensed? Different industries demand that accountants have special qualifications to be able to file necessary reports. Do they have or are they working on getting these credentials?
5. What computer software are they familiar with? Are they using or do they have other clients using the same software you have in place? Do they support that software or will they encourage you to change types of software?
6. How do they bill? This is a much different question than how much do they charge, you need to know if they bill a flat fee or do they bill by the hour.
7. Will they be coming to your business to work on your financials or do they expect you to bring everything to their office? Can you email files to them or fax information as needed?
8. How timely are they? Can you expect your quarterly reports in two weeks after the end of quarter or by the end of the next month? Will you be receiving monthly reports and how soon after month end can you expect them?

9. How technical savvy are they? Are they proficient on the computer, and the internet? Are their skills current or are they using old technology that is outdated?
10. Are they currently involved in any pending lawsuits? This can be tricky, but it can be important to know if they are being sued over an allegedly bad audit, improper audit procedures, or fraudulent practices.

To find out more information on how to relieve some of your burden with these 15 tips, click on:

We have resources to help you out with this unwanted task. We can help you find the perfect tax preparer for your needs. Contact us today.


A Call to Action

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Resolution: 1) A course of action determined or decided on. 2) The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.

Ask yourself: What action am I committed to taking NOW that will lead to the best results and goals I have set for myself? Do you need to sharpen your skills and take a class to meet your accounting needs? Are you determined to make this year better than the last by becoming more efficient and effective in your business affairs?

Procrastination can kill all the best intentions. If you find you are having difficulty achieving your goals, take a look at the steps you must take to achieve success and ask yourself if you have fallen into the dark pit of procrastination. Examine what your own reasons for procrastinating are, then vow to yourself that you will not let it kill off your hopes and dreams.

Our services encompass many arenas to help shape your business and to make it the best it can be for 2009 and in years to come. We are here to help ensure your books are in order. Our workshops will provide you with the training you need so that your financial standing is never a mystery and you are always "in the know".

Get on the right track, call us today at 408.297.1152.

Happy New Year!


Tammy Foley
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"How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'."

...Martin Luther

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